The HCNIA is made up of a group of negotiators who have left their mark on recent history while working for the most prestigious services in the world (FBI, RAID, Scotland Yard and National security).

They all share the same convictions, and they all wish to transmit their experience and expertise in the training programs offered by the HCNIA.

Marwan Mery
President, professional negotiator

Marwan Mery is a professional negotiator and an expert in lie detection. He is the co-founder of ADN Group and he intervenes around the world for government organisations, NGOs, and businesses to resolve complex situations with vital, national and international stakes. As an active Negotiator, he carries out over 50 negotiations each year, whether they are critical, diplomatic, social or business related.

Laurent Combalbert
Vice-President, professional negotiator

Laurent Combalbert is a former negotiator for the RAID, the elite unit of the French National Police. After graduating from École des Officiers and the National Academy of the FBI he contributed to developing the role of the negotiator in the heart of the RAID, while dealing with dozens of hostage-takings, kidnappings, extremists and collective entrenchments. As co-founder of ADN Group he intervenes around the world in both government organisations and businesses to resolve complex situations.

Gary Noesner

Gary Noesner is the former head of the FBI’s Negotiation Unit. During the 30 years of his career, he dealt with hundreds of critical situations all around the world, including hostage-taking, collective entrenchment (such as Waco), mutiny and kidnappings. He continues to intervene for businesses and government organisations by resolving conflicts and managing crisis situations. He remains a honourable member of the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit.

Kirk Kinnell

Kirk Kinnell is the former head of the negotiation group of the Scottish Police. During the 30 years of his career, he was exposed to over 200 incidents that involved hostage taking and crisis management. Kirk is specialised in conflict resolution and influence and has been teaching crisis negotiation since 2011. He teaches and lectures all around the world for both businesses and government organisations.

Olivier Herisson

Olivier Hérisson is a former agent of the DGSI (French secret services) and is specialized in counterespionage and counterterrorism. Due to his expertise in collecting human and technical intelligence, he now intervenes on behalf of businesses and other institutions on any questions related to cyber-security, namely, ransomware and violation of data. 

Alain Bauer

As a professor of applied criminology at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers, Alain Bauer was advisor to the French president, the prime minister and the New York police on the subject of security and terrorism. He is entirely committed to the transmission of knowledge in these fields and is the author of over forty publications on criminality and terrorism.

Scott Tillema

Scott Tillema is an American police officer that worked as a crisis negotiator in the intervention group of a Chicago area police force (SWAT). He studied at both FBI and at Harvard and now teaches crisis negotiation to businesses and government organizations to help them manage complex situations.

Nick Day

Nick Day is a former Navy commando (SBS) and a former Special Agent for the British Secret Services (MI5). He is specialised in gathering sensitive information and establishing contact. He is called on by businesses and government organisations, in the midst of high-stake negotiations, to map out the opposing parties and understand their real motivations.