Hostage & Crisis Negotiation
International Academy

The Hostage and Crisis Negotiation International Academy has a vocation to train and raise awareness, around the world, for any persons who are led to negotiate in critical situations. Made up of a group of elite negotiators, the HCNIA offers high level training courses and conferences on managing hostage situations (hostage-taking, kidnapping, extortion, Ransomware) and non-hostage situations (entrenchment, suicidal persons, extremists, complex profiles).

The HCNIA is based in Paris, France and is presided over by Marwan Mery. Half of the profit made by the HCNIA is donated to ADN Kids!, an association that aims at making children aware of how to resolve conflict, and to the CCHN, Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation.

We train people, all around the world, who have to deal with critical situations, whether they involve a hostage situation and/or complicated factors.

Elite teams
from negotiation crisis

The members of the HCNIA all come from prestigious public or private units and are internationally recognised and appreciated for their work. They have devoted a part, or the whole of their lives to resolving critical situations, and are now taking the time to share their expertise with others to help prepare them to overcome the impossible.


Hostage situations
& Non-hostage situations

The HCNIA’s field of expertise covers hostage situations, such as hostage taking, extortion, and ransomware, as well as non-hostage situations, such as extremists, entrenchment, suicidal persons or other complex profiles. Other transferable skills are also taught, such as decision-making, lie-detection, managing threats and ultimatums, leadership, criminality and terrorism.

President of the HCNIA
Marwan Mery

After many years in the field and a commitment to arrive at a peaceful resolution in any critical situation, Marwan Mery has come to the conclusion that the transmission of knowledge is an essential lever that helps men and women grow. He founded the HCNIA in 2018 with the conviction that change will only come about through action, and made up a team of some of the most reputed negotiators in contemporary history. He continues to develop specific programs aimed at training elite units all around the world.

Marwan Mery
Marwan Mery
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Based in Paris
Rue d'Artois

The HCNIA is based in Paris, only a few blocks away from the Champs-Élysées. The training rooms are equipped with exceptional material for full immersion and a realistic experience: cameras, one-way mirror, 4K screen and a 5.1 sound system.

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Half of the profits
Given back to associations

The HCNIA is a non-profit making organisation. The members are only paid when they have been assigned a mission by the HCNIA. 50% of all profit is paid to ADN Kids! and the CCHN (Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation).